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Semi-permanent hair stroke tattooing for eyebrows. This offers the most natural look whether you have no brows, sparse brows, or just want a more defined look. Results last between 1 – 3 years.
Initial Session: $350 + tax
Perfecting Session 6-8 Weeks Later: $125 + tax

Powder Brows

Enjoy wearing makeup but hate applying it everyday? This tattooing technique mimics the looks of eyebrow powder and creates a soft shadow on the skin, giving you that perfectly sculpted look you desire. Results last between 1 – 3 years.
Initial Session: $350 + tax
Perfecting Session 6-8 Weeks Later: $125 + tax

Combo Brows

A combination of powder and microblading to create the most natural looking results. This tattooing technique is especially good for those with very sparse to no hair as it creates density- lending to its 3D effect. Results last between 1- 3 years.
Initial Session: $375 + tax
Perfecting Session 6-8 Weeks Later: $150 + tax

Eyelash Enhancement

Permanent eyeliner applied very thinly directly along the lash line. Results give the appearance of thicker and darker lashes and last between 3 – 5 years on average.
*Price includes one 6-8 week touch-up.
2 hours – $350 + tax

Lip Blush

Have beautifully full and perfectly pigmented lips 24/7. With the colour of your choice, this technique can correct asymmetry or unfavourable tones in the lip and gently contour it to appear pouted and plump. Results last 5+ years.
*Price includes one 6-8 week touch-up.
2.5 hours – $500 + tax

Brow Henna

Enjoy a perfectly filled in and well defined look to your eyebrows for up to 4 full weeks. Brows are custom mapped, shaped, and coloured to suit your natural look.
1 hours – $75 + tax


Love that sun-kissed look? Add some freckles to compliment your natural beauty and remain a beach babe year-round.
1 hours – $150 + tax

Beauty Mark

Be a modern day Marilyn Monroe and add a gorgeous beauty mark to compliment your look. Also great for adding pigmentation to a faded natural beauty mark.
30 minutes – $80 + tax

Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is a life changing service for both men and women who suffer from balding, thinning hair, cancer, alopecia, etc. It consists of tattooing small dots to appear as hair follicles.
*Price upon consultation only

Tattoo Removal

We offer a natural form of tattoo removal using a saline solution which is extremely effective in removing even the most stubborn pigment. Keep in mind tattoo removal is a process and requires a couple sessions to reach your desired result.
$150 + tax per session
*Subject to a consultation

Classic Lash Extensions – Full Set

Get glamorous with this full set of supreme quality faux mink lashes – custom designed for you.
2 hours – $125 + tax

Classic Lash Extensions – Fill

Refill your beautiful set as you need to keep your lashes full and flirty – Just be sure to have a minumum of 40% left!
1 hour – $65 + tax

Lash Extension Removal

Need your set fully removed? Just lay back, take a brief lash nap…and voila! This is always done in the safest and most gentle way possible.
*Complimentary with the application of a new full set
30 minutes – $30 + tax

Lash Lift

Lifts your natural lashes from the base making them look longer and perfectly curled for 6-8 weeks.
*With tint – 1 hour – $90 + tax
45 minutes – $80 + tax

Additional Perfecting Session

Any desired touch-up to change color, shape, or perfect your permanent makeup after the first initial appointment and the mandatory 6-8 week perfecting session.
*Must be done within six months of initial appointments.
1 hour – $75 + tax

Colour Boost Within 6 Months

Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, a colour boost may be required at six months post treatment.
1 hour – $150 + tax

Colour Boost Within 12 Months

Prolong your permanent makeup by getting a colour boost within 12 months post treatment.
2 hours – $250 + tax

Colour Boost Within 12-18 Months
2 hours – $300 + tax

*Full application price applies to anything after 18 months


Not sure which service is right for you or would like to see a design before making the commitment? Come in and join us for a consultation where we’ll cover all the topics and put your mind at ease!
30 minutes – Free